Dear Jack and Deb,

On behalf of the AANE Board of Directors, Gala Committee, Staff and mostly me, I wanted to thank you once again for your participation at our Gala this past weekend at The Black Falcon Cruise Pier. Everything went off without a hitch and was your usual creativity and perfection! The evening was a great one for AANE and made so much more exciting by your participation. Thank you again for your support of our efforts and your high level of professionalism and creativity. I can’t wait to partner again!!


Sheri L. Singer

Campaign & Special Events Manager.


Thanks again for making the MASH “Iron Chef” event a success. We appreciate the extra attention you and your staff gave to every detail of the event. We’ve heard positive feedback from those who attended the event, and we were able to raise funds critical to our mission to end local family homelessness. Well worth the exhausting night!! I look forward to working with you and your crew in the near future. you’re the best!

Kathryn Keller

Office Manager, Mystic Area Shelter & Hospitality, Inc (MASH)